What's Coming?

MeinMenu was built to digitize and ease the process of updating menus to make it administratively easier for restaurant and business owners while placing menus straight into customers hands via their phones. 

While MeinMenu already has amazing features, we are working on some cool things.

What we integrated?

18.06.2021 - WhatsApp Integration - your customers can now order via WhatsApp. This provides a great alternative to directly interact with your customers utilizing WhatsApp messenger.


What we are baking soon?

Additional Languages - French, Italian, Catalan are coming soon. More languages in progress

Allergy Information - Menu items will be classifiable into the 14 categories given in Annex 2 of the EU regulation (#1169/2011) 

  1. A (Cereals containing gluten)
  2. B (Crustaceans)
  3. C (Eggs)
  4. D (Fish)
  5. E (Peanuts)
  6. F (Soja)
  7. G (Milk and/or lactose)
  8. H (Nuts)
  9. L (Celery)
  10. M (Mustard)
  11. N (Sesame seed)
  12. O (Sulphur dioxide and sulphites)
  13. P (Lupins)
  14. R (Molluscs)

Front End Menu Customizations - You'll be able to customize your menu incl. uploading a logo, changing colors, etc.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Menu classifications (optional feature)

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